testimonialsAll of the following pieces of testimony are recent and each person is happy to discuss our services with you:

Professional Adviser Testimonials

“My main contact is Lloyd French who I always find very approachable and incredibly knowledgeable. I always know that if I refer clients to him he will always make immediate contact with them and update me if possible. I feel referring clients to Lloyd leaves my clients in very safe hands.  A thoroughly friendly person to deal with.”

Alexandra Milton, Partner, Law Firm

“The thorough and honest advice were two of the main reasons I believed Delaunay was most suitable, and if a client requires an independent financial adviser I would certainly refer Delaunay. The fact that I meet with Lloyd and receive an update on changes in the industry that I might want to consider for the future is definitely something I would tell individuals who are considering Delaunay Wealth Management’s Services.”

Matthew Cleghorn, Founder and Principal, Chartered Accountants

“Our firm has been working with Lloyd for many years.  He is a consummate professional, who offers vast wealth management expertise and access to a wide range of financial products. Everyone has found him very responsive and easy to deal with. Furthermore, he treats our clients with the utmost care and respect and all of his advice is tailored to suit their individual circumstances. We have no hesitation in continuing to refer Lloyd and his company to our clients.”

Richard Feakins, Director, CST Tax


Client Testimonials

“Lloyd and Delaunay Wealth Management have offered me an individually tailored service to manage and invest my money. I have been given good advice and, most importantly, feel that I can trust him to handle my investments with honesty and integrity.”

Jennifer Morrison, Private Client

“We have worked with Lloyd in excess of ten years, we have found his professional advice has been excellent, also apart from his detailed financial knowledge he very quickly understood our personal needs and aspirations and advised us accordingly, I would recommend Lloyd and his team to anyone.”

Rachel & David Attwood, Private Client

“Lloyd has been a trusted advisor to me and my husband for the past 10 years and has helped us with many aspects of our financial planning, and, in particular, with pension advice as my husband is self-employed.  He has also helped me to set up a SIPP, which I can put spare cash into, as well as providing us with advice on different investment options and tax planning.

In all the time we’ve worked with him, he’s given us sound advice and the investments he’s recommended have produced good results.  Furthermore, Lloyd is a really nice person to work with.  Nothing is ever too much trouble.  He will always visit us at the house for meetings and everything is all pretty seamless.”

Jo Charrington, Co-President, Capitol Records UK, Private Client

“Lloyd has provided us with advice on bespoke investment schemes over the past five years.

He researches the market regularly and carries out extensive due diligence to ensure he sources sound investments that suit our needs. Normally, Lloyd will then meet with our accountants to discuss his recommendations and make sure they are suitable. Once he has their approval, he will then sit down with us and go through his recommendations in detail. It is then up to us to decide whether we want to go ahead.

The research and due diligence Lloyd carries out are an essential part of the process and gives us confidence in his recommendations. We wouldn’t be putting our money into these investments and our accountants certainly wouldn’t allow us to go ahead otherwise.”

Ranjith Kumar, Private Client

“Lloyd has given me financial advice for many years and I trust his judgement and ability to work in my best interest. I haven’t always had good financial advisers and Lloyd has proved his worth particularly during a time of financial uncertainty and the banking crisis. He keeps me informed even when the news is not so good and has worked hard to protect my interests. With Delaunay Wealth although I’ve choosen lower risk options, my investment returns have been better than those currently offered in the High Street and have beaten inflation unlike the interest rates offered via banks.

It is the quality of personal service, information and advice that makes Delaunay Wealth stand out. The staff are always courteous and quick with replies. Most importantly I know Lloyd to be a person of high personal integrity and trustworthiness which is rare in financial services these days.”

Julie Kingston-Dalford, Private Client

“Delaunay Wealth Management. ..especially Lloyd French were most helpful in organising the purchase of the pension annuity….giving valuable advice and helping us through this very difficult area. Everyone would benefit from the helpful friendly advice given by Lloyd French.

Once again,  a big thank you.”

S.J Baker, Private Client

“I have known Lloyd for a number of years so I had confidence that working with Delaunay Wealth Management would be the best option. The personal service they offered provided a more holistic plan in place for investments and protection. As my previous advisor wasn’t really listening, I would advise anyone who hasn’t had a one to one discussion with an IFA to consider Delaunay, and the regular meetings were certainly a specific feature I enjoyed.”

Chris Evans, Partner, Accountant, Private Client

“From knowing Lloyd, I believed that working with Delaunay Wealth Management was best for achieving my desired result and the good working relationship was why I thought it was successful. Having all investments under one roof was the most significant improvement for me. I enjoyed the fact that Lloyd always explains things clearly and simply, and the team in the back office are always really quick at coming back with questions and really helpful.”

Claire Pierce, Private Client

“The most significant improvement that resulted from my work with Delaunay Wealth Management was simplified investments – I now no longer have to worry about when to invest in what. I believe the service was most successful due to Lloyd always being available for advice, and the annual meeting for review was a specific feature that I enjoyed when working with Delaunay.”

Linda Kenward, Private Client

“I believed Delaunay Wealth Management was the best for achieving my desired result as my late partner had appointed the company to manage his pension. I am happy to say my portfolio is doing well and I receive a good service from Lloyd French. I would, and have, recommended the company to friends.”

Barbara Goldsmith, Private Client

“Lloyd is an extremely knowledgable financial planner who prides himself on this personal approach to managing finances. He spends time developing relationships to better understand clients, customers and service providers alike.

There is no better place to go for a financial planning solution.”

Aaron Battley, Private Client

“Lloyd and his team at Delaunay Wealth Management have been excellent at steering and advising me on how to future proof my finances and invest in ways that get me the best return on my investment. Most importantly all financial decisions and reporting are clearly explained via reports and with regular catch up meetings. Anyone who wants to save for the future should speak with Delaunay Wealth Management as their service is impeccable and invaluable.”

Private Client

“The understanding of my objectives and creation of an approach to achieve these was what made me believe Delaunay Wealth Management was the best for achieving my desired result. The more structured and consistent approach with regular updates were the most significant improvements that have resulted from working with them. Delaunay Wealth has definitely worked hard to ensure my expectations have been met and exceeded, and the updates and personal attention have specifically been a great feature that I have enjoyed.”

Private Client

“Having the long term relationship with Lloyd French through previous business was the reason I believed working with Delaunay Wealth Management was the best for achieving my desired result. From trying to solve problems with on-going pensions and savings provision, Delaunay definitely met my expectations and the friendly service from Lloyd was a specific aspect I enjoyed.”

Private Client

“The regular contact and understanding of my needs was definitely the reason why I felt that working with Delaunay Wealth Management was the best for achieving my desired result. Having the confidence that my financial affairs are being well looked after was a significant result to me. The regular meetings and online wrapper were two specific features I enjoyed throughout the process. Anyone who wants professional assistance with financial planning, investing and saving would benefit from working with Delaunay, and I am happy to recommend.”

Private Client

“Due to having a continued relationship with Delaunay Wealth Management, I knew they would be best for me. Choosing a workplace pension scheme was the problem I was trying to solve before working with Delaunay, and due to the timely response from Lloyd, I felt that working with them was successful. The implementation of Auto-enrolment was the most significant improvement that has resulted from this.”

Private Client

“I have been advised by Lloyd French for many years now.. Maybe 15 or longer. He has always been helpful and effective so I have stayed with him. I find the info and support I need is readily available and easy to understand. I feel that working with Delaunay Wealth Management was successful due to the fact I know where I stand and am in a good position. Anyone with a reasonable amount of savings who wants clarity and good service and outcomes would definitely benefit from working with Delaunay. Being able to get Lloyd or others on the phone easily and meeting with flexible arrangements is very helpful and I have found them to be approachable, efficient and effective.”

Private Client

“The great financial results and clarity were definitely what made me believe that working with Delaunay Wealth Management was best for achieving my desired result. The communication and explanation of finances made me feel that working with Delaunay was successful and the clarity of information and regular meetings were two great specific features. From trying to solve problems with regards to how to save efficiently and get the best returns, I found Lloyd was great to work with and people seeking to save for later in life would benefit most from working with Delaunay Wealth Management.”

Private Client

“Due to our accountant’s recommendation, I believed working with Delaunay Wealth Management would be best. From working on a pension strategy, I find Lloyd a good problem solver and have enjoyed how they go the extra mile. In the future, I think forward-thinking businesses would most benefit from working with Delaunay Wealth Management.”

Private Client

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