Barbara Goldsmith

Actively Retired

Client Since: 2015

“I feel very comfortable that my financial future is secure.”

I’m Barbara Goldsmith and I’ve been a client of Delaunay Wealth for about seven years.


“Why did you first get in touch with Delaunay Wealth?”

My late partner appointed Lloyd in the summer of 2015. He knew he was going to die later that year and he wanted his funds to be managed so that I would be well looked after. That’s when I first met Lloyd.


“How did Lloyd help you after your partner died?”

I had met Lloyd before my partner died, but when I met him after he had died, I felt very, very reassured by him. He was extremely supportive and made it really clear that his absolute aim was to make sure that I was financially secure. I actually appointed him after that meeting because he gave me complete confidence. It was a very, very difficult time and he really was very supportive throughout that.


“How would you describe Lloyd?”

I would describe Lloyd as very sincere and approachable, has a very good sense of humour, which is always important to me, and accommodating – there’s never a problem trying to get hold of him. He’s a good listener and understands what you’re trying to say even if you’re not saying it very well. Generally, he’s a very affable, charming person.


“How does working with Delaunay Wealth make you feel about your financial future?”

Working with Lloyd definitely gives me peace of mind about the future. Apart from the fact that everything has been well managed so far, I know that he’ll be able to fill me in on anything I ask him about, what’s happening or reassure me if I’m worried about something.


“What’s the best piece of advice Lloyd has ever given you?”

The best piece of advice Lloyd has given me is to not worry about fluctuations in the market, to not panic if I see my investments going down, as this is just the way the market works. It’s a cycle and what goes up will come down and probably go up again. He definitely makes me feel very confident about that so that I genuinely don’t worry about it at all.


“Would you recommend Delaunay Wealth to other people?”

I would definitely recommend Lloyd and Delaunay Wealth to other people and I have done so. I have family members who have consulted Lloyd and have taken his advice and been very, very happy with it. I have no hesitation in recommending them because they, over these last seven years, have given me peace of mind that I’m able to carry on with my life and not have to worry about what’s happening with the markets, not checking my balance all the time. I just leave it entirely to them.