Senior executives & professionals

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much money you’ll need to retire, semi-retire or achieve financial independence? Your wish is our command. Even if you have an idea, it’s good to seek advice from an expert to confirm if you’re on the right track.

Putting your goals first

Having a successful career has meant you’ve sacrificed time. Not just time with family and friends, but time to dedicate to your finances.

You’re looking for an adviser who will understand the challenges you face with tax and providing for your family, giving them a good start in life. Whatever your questions, we’ll unravel the answers.

How we’ll help you

Smart strategies for the road ahead

Depending on where you are, we’ll plan to bring forward the date of your retirement, and change your view of what the move looks like.

Filling you with confidence

Some conversations are difficult. If it’s what you want, we’ll give you the confidence to re-negotiate your contracts at work, extending or improving your working life.

Protecting your assets

Some smart tax planning can make your money last longer and provide you with more options as you approach the end of your working life.

Managing risk and reward

Most clients have worked hard to accumulate what they’ve got and don’t want or need to be taking too much investment risk, so we don’t either.

Guidance and advice

Pensions are extremely tax effective but unfortunately, they are also complicated. We guide you through the minefield, keeping it simple at the same time.

Removing the hassle

We simplify everything and speak to you without any jargon. We will take on as much or as little as you want us to.

You should be aware that investments carry varying degrees of risk and as their underlying value can fall as well as rise, you may not get back the full amount invested.

Working with your advisers

We understand that you may already have other professional advisers in place. What’s important for us is that we can fit in and work with them effectively.

We have a great deal of experience working with other professional advisers, including accountants, lawyers and corporate financiers. When we work together, we can achieve so much more.

Why clients choose us

"He knows, and I don't!"

Murray Rose

Business Owners & Self Employed

Client since 2008

"He puts everything into easy to understand language."

Mike Park

Senior Executives & Professionals

Client since 2014

"He gives us the confidence that we'll thrive in retirement."

Darren Staniforth

Business Owners & Self Employed

Client since 2004

"Cashflow forecasting has given me control and a sense of security."

Jennifer Morrison

Actively Retired

Client since 2011

"I feel very comfortable that my financial future is secure."

Barbara Goldsmith

Actively Retired

Client since 2015

"Lloyd never makes us feel like we're asking silly questions."

Shaun and Jane

Senior Executives & Professionals

Client since 2021