Solicitors & accountants

When we work together, we can achieve so much more. That’s why we take a collaborative approach and recognise the benefits of working with other professionals. We all want the same outcome: the very best for your client.

A partnership worth having

A staggering 90% of our clients are referred to us through accountants, solicitors and wealth managers. That’s because they can come to us confident that we won’t compete with their business, we’ll only strengthen and support it.

Combining our specialist knowledge is a powerful move, and one which we’ll always encourage.

How we help your clients

Understanding their needs

Just as you would, we take the time to understand what clients want and their aspirations so we can match them with appropriate investments.

Providing independent advice

Our diverse range of investment and insurance products allow us to make the right choices that match our clients’ needs and aspirations.

Conducting thorough reviews

Decisions aren’t made in a rush. We do a comprehensive review of each provider to ensure clients are protected as far as possible.

Transparency is vital

We’re always open about how we carry out our business and how we are remunerated. We also ensure clients understand any risks involved.

Never driven by products

Our mutual clients’ needs are our top priority, and we are constantly learning and pushing ourselves to deliver quality, independent advice.

Staying fully informed

We’ve got our process down to a tee. Each transaction is project managed so the clients and their professional advisers know what’s happening at every stage.

A team you can trust

Yes, our mutual clients are incredibly important, but we also want to make sure that we forge a powerful relationship with you.

It’s a big decision you’re making for someone else, but you can put your trust in us to take your clients’ investments forward in an ethical manner.

Why clients choose us

"Lloyd never makes us feel like we're asking silly questions."

Shaun and Jane

Senior Executives & Professionals

Client since 2021

"He knows, and I don't!"

Murray Rose

Business Owners & Self Employed

Client since 2008

"He gives us the confidence that we'll thrive in retirement."

Darren Staniforth

Business Owners & Self Employed

Client since 2004

"He puts everything into easy to understand language."

Mike Park

Senior Executives & Professionals

Client since 2014

"Cashflow forecasting has given me control and a sense of security."

Jennifer Morrison

Actively Retired

Client since 2011

"I feel very comfortable that my financial future is secure."

Barbara Goldsmith

Actively Retired

Client since 2015