Our investment philosophy

We’re transparent in everything we do for our clients, so it’s incredibly important that you understand the approach we take to investments. As always, we explain everything in plain English, but if you have any questions about our investment philosophy, get in touch.

What is our investment philosophy?

An actively managed investment strategy can bring real benefits to investors and add significantly to the value of your investments. Good quality funds potentially deliver excellent returns, and the right mix of strategies produces a portfolio with greater investment potential and less market risk.

Investment success is down to a multitude of factors and a search for influences that can make a difference, from the structure of a fund to the history of the fund manager and the culture of the business they work for.

We are aware that some clients would like their investment strategy managed with an ethical, social, governance focus, we can advise and accommodate and have a detailed ESG questionnaire to go through for those clients that want their investments to have a positive impact.

What our strategy does…

What are the benefits for you?

Our third-party investment managers research team

The portfolios are run on a team basis, ensuring a spread of ideas and helping to eliminate any “key-man risk”. Currently, the team consists of three portfolio managers based in the UK who are supported by a team of seven analysts spread across London and Hong Kong offices.

All investment staff are required to show a commitment to excellence in the industry by either holding a Chartered investment qualification or working towards one. All have a commitment to independent, unbiased research and are bound by a strict code of conduct to that effect.