Our fees

We believe in being completely transparent to our clients from day one. That’s why it’s important for us to disclose our fees at the early stages. Even before you enquire about our services, you’ll be able to see below what fees we charge for every stage of your financial roadmap.

Discovery meeting

Held at our expense, our initial discovery meeting is held to understand your needs and goals, and to mutually agree that our services are right for you going forward. This meeting usually lasts for around one hour.

Initial fees

Our initial advice fee is split into the cost for the strategic report and then implementation of the advice we’ve provided and is capped at £5,000.

Your strategic report will form the basis of your roadmap going forward and will allow us to decide what the next steps are. It will provide you with clarity and reassurance about where your financial future is heading and put you in a position to take the next steps.

We charge £2,000 for a strategic report and £3,000 for the implementation of the advice. If you decide not to proceed with implementation, we will charge you directly for the Strategic Report and VAT may apply on top.

Ongoing advice

After implementation, we charge a 1% fee per annum for our ongoing advice. We offer a premium and high-end service, and you’ll get to experience this at every stage.

We’re not going to sell you a product and say goodbye, ready to move on to the next client. We follow a simple, yet incredibly effective, process that secures a long-term relationship together.

We’ll be here for you even after implementation so that your goals and aspirations are met, even if external factors seek to change things up.

Example 1

£500,000 to invest

If you invested £500,000, you would incur an initial fee of £5,000.

Ongoing advice: £5,000 per annum (£500,000 x 1%)

Example 2

£750,000 to invest

If you invested £750,000, you would incur an initial fee of £5,000.

Ongoing advice: £7,500 per annum (£750,000 x 1%)

Example 3

£1,000,000 to invest

If you invested £1,000,000, you would incur an initial fee of £5,000.

Ongoing advice: £10,000 per annum (£1,000,000 x 1%)

The value of financial advice

When you first think of the value that quality financial planning provides, you think of the financial implications. However, it’s the added benefits and positive emotions which are priceless and what we as a team thrive on.

Peace of mind, clarity, security and freedom are just some of the words which we hear time and time again from our clients, and you can’t explain the power of these feelings until you are there yourself. That’s what we provide.

Yes, the financial benefits are what you first come to us for, but it’s those additional emotions which make you understand the value of financial planning from Lloyd and the team.


of clients would recommend us to friends, family and work colleagues.


were satisfied that we understood their needs and financial objectives


say that we have helped or will help to achieve their financial objectives

Why clients choose us

"He knows, and I don't!"

Murray Rose

Business Owners & Self Employed

Client since 2008

"Cashflow forecasting has given me control and a sense of security."

Jennifer Morrison

Actively Retired

Client since 2011

"I feel very comfortable that my financial future is secure."

Barbara Goldsmith

Actively Retired

Client since 2015

"He puts everything into easy to understand language."

Mike Park

Senior Executives & Professionals

Client since 2014

"Lloyd never makes us feel like we're asking silly questions."

Shaun and Jane

Senior Executives & Professionals

Client since 2021

"He gives us the confidence that we'll thrive in retirement."

Darren Staniforth

Business Owners & Self Employed

Client since 2004