Jennifer Morrison

Actively Retired

Client Since: 2011

“Cashflow forecasting has given me control and a sense of security.”

My name is Jennifer Morrison and I’ve worked with Lloyd since 2011.

“Why did you first get in touch with Delaunay Wealth?”

I had come into my inheritance, and I needed advice on how to best invest that money from South Africa in this country. Lloyd gave me that advice and help, which was great.

“Has the inheritance opened up other opportunities for you?”

Absolutely, yes. It’s allowed me to buy property, this studio that I’m in, which has been absolutely wonderful because I used to rent a studio for many years. To be able to buy a studio has given me a great sense of security. And yes, having money gives you choice, and that’s certainly what it’s given me.

“Apart from the inheritance, what else has Lloyd helped you with?”

He’s helped me with remitting funds from South Africa, and tax issues in South Africa alongside tax issues in the UK, which can sometimes be quite complicated. He and my accountant helped me with that, working together as a team. He helped to make the process as smooth as possible.

“Could you have done the cashflow forecasting yourself?”

No, definitely not. I’m an artist, so this is not my area of expertise. I’m quite an organized person, which is perhaps unusual for an artist, but I am. I’m an organized person and I am not afraid of facts and figures, but certainly I needed that expert advice from Lloyd to put the whole thing together and make me understand it as a whole package.

“How would you describe Lloyd?”

I would say he is personable, trustworthy, friendly, patient, and approachable and he explains things to me in a direct and clear way. I really appreciate this because sometimes the jargon and all the acronyms are a bit intimidating and confusing. I’m not afraid to ask him questions and when I do, he answers me directly in plain English, which is something I really do appreciate.

“What’s the best thing about working with Lloyd?”

I think a feeling of safety and security that my financial matters are in good hands. I think that’s the best thing.

“Would you recommend Lloyd to other people?”

I most definitely would, for all the reasons that I’ve listed here. I think he’s very trustworthy. He’s very good company, easy to speak to and approachable. He responds very quickly to emails and questions, and he’s just a very, very good person to work with.