Mike Park

Senior Executives & Professionals

Client Since: 2014

“He puts everything into easy to understand language.”

I’m Mike, and I’ve worked with Lloyd now for eight years.


“Why did you first get in touch with Delaunay Wealth?”

Well, the reason I contacted Lloyd initially was because he was recommended by a friend who had worked with him. I wanted to consolidate our pensions because I had quite a lot of pensions in different pots, and I wanted to really understand their value and how we could make best use of them.


“How has Lloyd helped since then?”

Well, he’s consolidated the pension pots for sure! And that’s helped me really understand what I’ve actually got in value. What was important for me was understanding what options I could take in relation to one increase in the investment or maximizing investment, and secondly, when I can actually access it. So, I’ve now got some clear options to choose from.


“How has that made you feel about your financial future?”

I feel a lot happier about understanding the options, and so more confident about what decisions I can take and when. It’s worked well for me.


“Is Delaunay Wealth’s cashflow forecasting useful to you?”

Yes, it is, because I’ve had various pots and different pensions and seeing which years they can be accessed has really helped in understanding not only the total picture, but also where all the different investments are coming from.


“How has the cashflow forecasting helped you understand your options?”

Over the last two or three years, Lloyd has worked with us on our annual review, to really help us model those scenarios that me and my wife want to take. And often we’ve gone back and forth, trying to really hone them and having some time to think about things, about exactly what we want. So, it’s been really useful and almost instrumental in terms of how I plan in the next few years.


“How would you describe Lloyd?”

What I really like about working with Lloyd is that he puts difficult technical jargon or financial jargon into easy to understand language for us so that we can really understand our options, and how we want to make choices for the future.


“What’s the best thing about working with Lloyd?”

He’s always accessible, and when at any point we’ve had a thought about how we want to move our financial future forward, he has always been there to help us and quickly respond to our questions or needs for more information.

“What’s the best piece of advice Lloyd has ever given you?”

He’s always helped to reassure us about looking at the long term picture, because lots of financial news is a shock to the system. A week, a month, or even sometimes six months of financial news isn’t necessarily bad news. He will always refer us to the long-term picture, which is reassuring for us as things do go up and down. But ultimately, if we’re in the right fund, they will always go up.


“Would you recommend Lloyd to other people?”

Yeah, I would. He was recommended to us, and we would definitely recommend him to other people because he’s easy to work with. As I said, he translates financial jargon into things that we can understand and he sets out a range of options for us when we want to move some things around, which is really useful.


“Will you continue to work with Lloyd in the future?”

Yes, for sure, it’s been good for us so far, and I know it’s going to be good in the future. He understands us, our motivations, what we want to do in the future, and he’s always looking at helping us try to achieve that vision.