Shaun and Jane

Senior Executives & Professionals

Client Since: 2021

“Lloyd never makes us feel like we’re asking silly questions.”

I’m Shaun, and this is Jane, and we’ve been clients of Lloyd’s for about 18 months.


“Why did you first get in touch with Lloyd?”

We’d decided to move back to the UK, so we knew we would have to move financial advisors and have one here. We were introduced to Lloyd through word of mouth, and we became his clients then.


“Why did you choose Lloyd instead of other advisers?”

Lloyd was recommended by our accountant, and from the first meeting, we both had a great connection with him. And it’s very easy to see where his help will be valuable to us.


“Since you became a client, how has Delaunay Wealth helped you?”

The most challenging thing about relocating to the UK is that we had pools of investments and assets in various countries that we’ve lived in, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. And then we also had assets in the US. Trying to bring all of that back together into a single pool of assets, and bring them back onshore, has been the most challenging aspect, and that’s where we’ve put most of our focus over the past 18 months.


“Does working with Lloyd make you feel confident about your financial future?”

Yes, working with Lloyd does give us confidence about our financial future. We’re still very much in the implementation phase and in the process of bringing assets onshore. That’s proving to be quite complex. But certainly, the process that we’re going through, the regular contact (we get weekly updates) as to where we are in the process have all been very useful and give us a great deal of confidence that we’re moving in the right direction.


“Could you have done all this on your own?”

No, he’s had far more insights into what we should be doing, whereas perhaps our instinct would have been to do other things because they would have been quicker. He’s been spot on with everything that we’ve done so far.


“What’s the best thing about working with Lloyd?”


One of the things that we found is that no question seems to be too small. No question is seen as being a silly question or a stupid question. And so, I think that’s given us a degree of comfort in dealing with Lloyd, and that’s helped build and establish the relationship.


For me, it’s remembering that it’s not just Lloyd, there’s a team there as well, who are also very well versed in our situation and where we stand. So that organization that Lloyd has with his team means that any answers that we need on a quite quick basis will come and we’re reassured by that.


“How would you describe Lloyd?”

Competent, friendly, and very organized in the way that we’ve gone about the process. So, again, that’s made us feel confident that we’re actually moving in the right direction and we’re doing the right things.


“Who should returning expats seek advice from?”

Obviously, in these very complex situations, we need a number of different advisors to help us with this process. Because of the complexity of the different geographies that we’ve been living in and investing in, we’ve needed to have tax advisors in each of the locations typically, as well as a tax advisor here in the UK. And then we have financial advisors, or have had financial advisors, in each of the territories as well. And so, it’s also important that those guys can all work together in bringing our assets onshore. And that worked very well as part of this process.


“Would you recommend Delaunay Wealth to other people?”

Yes, we’ve already recommended Lloyd to a friend that we met while living overseas and would happily do so to others as well.