Meet Lloyd

Having spent the last 25 years as a Financial Planner, Lloyd provides expert, fully audited, holistic advice on pensions, savings, protection, estate planning and tax-efficient investments.

As an independent financial planner, Lloyd aims to offer strategic financial guidance to prosperous, family-oriented people, and help them reach their life goals.

In his spare time, Lloyd looks after his health by training at the gym, swimming and cycling. He and his wife are social butterflies and enjoy nothing more than going out with friends for dinner or hosting.

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Back story

Although Lloyd has an impressive list of qualifications and awards under his belt, it’s his life experience which makes him stand out from the rest. His advice isn’t based on books and theory. He’s really been in your shoes and knows exactly what you’re going through.

He’s worked for a large corporate business, ran his own business and dealt with the highs and lows associated with it. He lost his mum when he was eight years old, experienced the challenges of a single parent upbringing as well as witnessing first hand the difficulties of divorce.  Into adulthood, he’s bought a property and lived abroad for significant amounts of time, and seen the impact of serious illness to name but a few. These huge life experiences have moulded Lloyd into the person, and crucially, the financial planner he is today.

Lloyd is honest, yet empathetic. He is direct, yet unafraid to offer clear, calm advice on any “difficult” elements in a financial planning strategy.

There’s no one better equipped to handle your finances and you can guarantee that he will go above and beyond to provide a superior and personal service. To put it simply, Lloyd is authentic, and his life experiences allow him to empathise with anyone and everyone.