How we’re embarking on a new journey with a fresh look and focused identity

A period of reflection and assessment can be extremely cathartic. It is something we’ve been undertaking at Delaunay Wealth Management over the past few months.

The culmination is a stylish rebrand of our business, a greater focus on our core ideals, and an engaging, modern website that clearly outlines our approach to financial coaching and life planning.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked hard to offer clear guidance, using a process built on proven techniques, to successfully deliver for our diverse range of clients.

But in pondering how we could take the next step forward and grow further, it was important for us to rewind our journey to the start.

Celebrating a decade of success and growth

Our story began over a decade ago at a crossroads in life that many of our clients may have similarly faced. After my 15 years of working for others as a financial adviser, it felt like the opportune time to start a fledgling practice — and thus Delaunay Wealth Management was founded.

In those humble beginnings, the ethos was simple, a driving passion to succeed and make a difference.

The Delaunay approach would combine years of technical knowledge in the sector with a holistic view of financial planning.

It is an outlook that has served us well over the years and left many of our clients satisfied and on course to meet their long-term goals.

But don’t just take my word for it, watch our clients tell their own stories and reflect on the benefits of working with Delaunay.

So, why are we reassessing ourselves now if we’ve been on a successful journey so far?

The American theologian Leonard Sweet put it succinctly when he said: “Change is life. Stagnation is death. If you don’t change, you die. It’s that simple”.

It is vital that any successful business stays ahead of the times, refreshes itself, innovates, and refocuses on its core values from time to time.

Our approach to financial planning explained

At Delaunay, we see ourselves as financial coaches and life planners that can help our clients achieve their long-term aims and lifestyle goals.

If you wanted to get in shape, lose weight or build muscle — whatever your personal health goal may be — you may seek the advice and help of a professional trainer to guide you towards your objectives.

Financial planners can fill a similar role for your long-term outlook. You may have a certain lifestyle that you’d like to live, retirement goals, and an idea of the kind of inheritance you’d like to leave behind for your loved ones.

In seeking professional advice, you can take some of the pressure related to reaching these goals off your shoulders and give yourself the right support structure to work towards achieving them.

The focus isn’t just the amount of money sitting in your bank account. It is working to understand your hopes and dreams, and those of your family.

Only once that’s understood, will we seek to cultivate a plan and investment strategy that helps you make them a reality.

Financial planning has a view of the big picture. It is a process that factors in years and decades. So, it benefits hugely from a trusting relationship between both parties.

Developing that trust is essential to our approach at Delaunay. We want you to feel secure enough to place the responsibility of shaping your future plans in our hands.

Navigating a five-step financial journey

As part of our refresh, we have reviewed our financial journey and ensured it is designed to reassure our clients across every step of the way.

Our five-step process involves:

1. Onboarding

Before agreeing to work together on your financial roadmap, we’ll conduct an initial financial review to ensure we’re right for one another. This consultation is free of charge.

Should you decide to go ahead and work with us, we’ll ask you to complete an attitude to risk assessment and upload your key documents to our portal.

2. Discovery meeting

Once all the above has been collected, we’ll conduct a discovery meeting. These are typically held online using our client portal, although face-to-face meetings are also available upon request.

It is in the discovery meeting that we’ll get to know you — your dreams and goals — and get to a point of understanding where you want to be in the future.

3. Review and analysis

After the meeting, we will ask you to sign documentation to enable us to obtain information concerning your existing financial arrangements.

Once we’ve received the information from your existing providers, we’ll undertake a thorough analysis of your plans, before deciding on any actions needed and outlining your future roadmap.

4. Strategy meeting

Once your financial roadmap has been ironed out, we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure you meet your life goals.

At this meeting, we’ll discuss what recommended action is required to achieve your aspirations, and agree on the next steps.

5. Implementation

This is the part in our journey where your roadmap comes together, and we begin working towards your long-term goals.

We’ll regularly check-in with you throughout our relationship together and ensure that your plans are constantly aligned to your aims and are built towards helping you achieve your desired lifestyle.

There is a lot that is new and exciting about Delaunay at the moment and far too much to cover in one article.

In the meantime, check out our fresh new brand and website to see how we have evolved.

Check back in with us next month as we celebrate our anniversary, profile our dedicated team, and delve into some of our client success stories that have helped us get to where we are today.

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