4 important ways we tailor our approach to our clients’ needs

The television personality and record executive, Simon Cowell, once said: “I got good advice once. Someone said to me: live in your money rather than look at it”.

In a way that is the core ethos of financial planning. It is more about understanding your specific wants and needs, and how to achieve them, and unlocking your desired lifestyle rather than simply generating growth on your wealth.

Last month we introduced you to our talented team that is in place to assist you on your journey, as well as the approach and ethos that we use to help you get there.

This month, we’d like to examine in more detail how we tailor our approach to the diverse range of clientele we service and why working with us could be the decision that helps you unlock a plethora of new opportunities.

Read on to discover who we work with and how we help with their individual needs and goals. 

4 important ways we tailor our approach to our clients’ specific backgrounds and needs

At Delaunay Wealth, we look to help people from all walks of life when they approach us with their financial concerns. 

Our work is focused on making complex problems seem simple and fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

We are proud to state that:

  • 93% of our clients would recommend us to family, friends, and work colleagues
  • 100% were satisfied that we understood their needs and financial objectives
  • 100% said that we have helped, or they believe we will help them achieve their financial goals.

We don’t simply copy and paste our approach. We spend the time necessary to get to know our clients before tailoring our strategy to suit their specific needs and ensure they walk away satisfied with the service provided. 

1. Business owners and the self-employed

Navigating finances and managing budgets can be a daunting prospect when you’re also trying to run a business or develop self-employed work opportunities.

It can be a hugely beneficial move in the long run to delegate some of your financial responsibilities to an expert you trust.

This can involve a whole range of personal financial issues that may even overlap with areas of your business including:

  • Pension scheme concerns
  • Long-term financial security
  • Tax issues
  • Insurance cover
  • Retirement preparations and business exit plans.

Personal and business goals are closely related. Developing a long-term strategy that encompasses both can ensure you achieve them, and end up in a position where you can live the kind of lifestyle you want.

Overall, our input could help alleviate unnecessary risks and give you the freedom to focus on aspects of your life beyond your business with the reassurance that your finances are being looked after.

2. Senior executives and professionals

Advice from an expert can give you the peace of mind that you’re on track to reach your goals. It can also provide you with the information needed to understand what you’ll need to unlock your desired level of retirement, begin semi-retirement, or achieve a sense of financial independence.

We will work with you to build a comprehensive plan that will refocus your journey towards unlocking those goals by:

  • Outlining a retirement date and the growth on your wealth needed to achieve it
  • Providing you with the confidence to re-negotiate your work contract to improve your working life and stay on track to meet your personal goals
  • Protecting your assets by making them as tax-efficient as possible and putting them in a position to grow that is aligned with your personal tolerance for risk
  • Ensuring your pension is streamlined, efficient, and providing you with the foundations for a comfortable retirement
  • Simplifying the problems you might face by removing the jargon and taking an unnecessary workload off your shoulders.

We understand that you may already have other professional advisers in place. We don’t seek to replace them, but rather work alongside them to ensure you are benefiting from a wealth of professional advice and are positioned to achieve your goals.

3. Actively retired

Once you’re retired, you should be in a position where you can relax, focus on ticking off experiences from your list, and be safe in the knowledge that your income is secure and your legacy is sorted.

However, this isn’t always the case and working with an adviser can help mitigate any potential issues and make sure you are in a position to enjoy your golden years.

We’ll work with you to ensure that:

  • Your income is stable and provides for you for the duration of your retirement years
  • Your estate planning considers any Inheritance Tax (IHT) issues and works to protect your assets
  • Your family members are taken care of while you’re still alive, by providing necessary advice and guidance as to best help with their respective challenges in life, and in the event of your death through your will and estate.

In working with a planner, you can enjoy your retirement years without any unnecessary financial worries.

4. Solicitors and accountants

At Delaunay Wealth, we understand that through working together, we can achieve greater goals. It is why we embrace a collaborative approach and recognise the benefits of working with other professionals.

A staggering 90% of our clients are referred to us through accountants, solicitors, and wealth managers.

Combining our specialist knowledge benefits both businesses and the outcomes for our respective clients.

Our independent advice integrates a diverse range of investment and insurance products that are specifically chosen to match our clients’ needs. This is done by:

  • Conducting thorough reviews of each provider 
  • Operating in a transparent manner in which our clients understand how we are remunerated and any risks involved with a particular service
  • Focusing on our clients’ needs first and the product second
  • Keeping both of our clients and their respective advisers informed every stage of the journey.

In producing the best possible outcomes for our clients — everyone benefits.

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If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of working with a financial planner, you should hear about it in our clients’ own words through their personal stories and experiences. 

No matter your background or specific needs, in working alongside us, and our carefully tailored approach, you could receive the help needed to achieve your long-term goals. The first step is getting in touch by email at mail@delaunaywealth.com or calling us on 0345 505 3500.